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Super Mario Run for the iPAD: the new Pokémon Go?

Super Mario Run for the iPhone: the new Pokémon Go?

Nintendo has tonight the game Super Mario Run released for the iPhone and iPad. Bright played the game already and sure: Nintendo resuming a mobile hit.

It took a long time before Nintendo released its popular games for smartphones and tablets. The Japanese company was stubborn and wanted to be exclusive and world famous characters and games last only hold its own devices. Both by pride, the other to get the sale of their own consoles up.

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But with the decline in the popularity of portable game consoles and the Lack of success of the  Wii was Nintendo does. Pokémon GO was a first step and it was an instant smash. Super Mario Run , available for download now for iPhone and iPad, will not bring about the same, but purely as a game is the second mobile game from Nintendo lot more fun and interesting. 

Quite difficult

The gameplay of Super Mario Run put away as « just another endless runner in a Super Mario-jacket ‘is too little credit for the game. Granted, the game holds little regard for newcomers, but also for experienced players there is to find enough challenge. So runs the droll plumber from himself and even automatically jumps over enemies.

But soon, even in World 1, the difficulty increases, the ravines are dangerous and make airborne fireballs you still tricky. Not necessarily for the Super Mario fans of the first hour, but who has enough other elements to satisfy his hunger game. 


In the base it is important to pick the end of the level, and on the road as much as possible to score tokens. But there are always several routes you can address to make wall jumps and score special purple coins. Did you get all purple coins collected in a level, you earn tickets. Those tickets are set to ‘race’.

Then you take on another, either by the computer-controlled players within a certain level and it is important to do better than your opponent. Failing that, you can earn Toads and these cuddly aids help you to see the kingdom by archrival Bowser to rubble is rolled, to rebuild. Super Mario Run also has a mini-sim section where you can build and decorate your own kingdom with flowers, stars and cottages. 

For everyone

The real challenge lies in perfecting your runs. After obtaining all purple coins for the first time, you can clear the levels are still trying twice to address again five other colored special coins. And let themselves increasingly difficult packer. The levels at a higher difficulty changing subtly. Add to this the daily mini-games and gifts that present themselves, and you’re busy for a while.

Handsome is also that Super Mario Run looks and plays like a fully-fledged Super Mario platformer. The color splashes off the screen, the music and sounds are thousands recognizable. The entire game can be played with a single finger, preferably the thumb, so it really everyone can get to work.  

Super Mario Run as trial version for free then you can play the tutorial and three levels of the first world. Do you want access to all six worlds, levels, game modes and mini-games, you pay 9.95 euros. A version for Android appears at a later.

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